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Eduardo Mitchell, Zen coach, Past Life Regressionist

In Search of Information from the Past

What Is Past Life Regression?

Every living human being has a collection of "stories" imbedded in his mind. The origin of those stories cannot be scientifically proven. But they do exist, and they are hidden in each person's mind somewhere beyond where conscious thought can reach. Regression is a specific kind of hypnotherapy that facilitates retrieval of such memories from earlier times in the current life. Past Life Regression allows retrieval of memories that were apparently recorded prior to a person's birth in this life.

Because so many people have accessed this kind of information and been amazed at the detail and apparent accuracy, many admit what they've found is not something they could have ever imagined.

More importantly, many people have discovered relevant information that provides answers to significant questions and mysteries in their present life. Even some people who don't believe in reincarnation or doubt the possibility of previous lives have nevertheless received information that was useful and pertinent in their present life. My approach to this unique area of inner development has been, "Why not see what is there?" I know of nobody who has ever been harmed by using regresson to seek out such information. But to the contrary, I personally know a number of people who have received genuine benefits from tapping into their "past lives."

--Eduardo Mitchell
Certified Past Life Regressionist


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